Monday, June 16, 2008

time flies

Was it only 5 years ago I was waiting in Utah for my grandson to be born? I remember counting to 10 over and over while Tobi pushed. I kept rushing the count because she had to hold her breath and I did not want her to over-do it. Then Joel took over, he was too slow on the count and somebody screeched at him to hurry that count. I should not have been so worried about her, but my baby was giving birth to a baby. Happy 5 Alec.
These grandkids have a way of getting under your skin. He was blue and floppy. I never saw a cuter baby boy. When you see them you think, "Oh boy are they in trouble now." or "She thought pregnancy was miserable, this is where the real misery starts." But then you notice how this one smiles like his dad, or that one has a temper like her mom and it hits you with the whole circle-of-life thing. These children of your children are a part of you and whether you want to or not, you fall in love with the little critters.
Today especially, I remember what it was like when Alec's life started. How fragile and small Alec seemed to me, even though he was larger than any of mine were at birth. How I was mad at Joel for weeks and weeks afterward for putting my baby through that. How Joel looked at his son like he was a treasure. And he is.