Saturday, July 6, 2013

The new retirement plan

Lesson learned, don't take drugs and blog. That last one was an Ambien/vicodin combo with a terrible day thrown in for good measure. I don't really hate the "girls" at work, although I was almost surely letting out the inner demon on that blog. The thing is they are so blatant in their hatred and mockery of me. I am like a bear protecting it's den. I only get a small cubicle and they basically want to take that away from me and leave me nothing. A job is a great big deal for a 58 year old woman with no husband, 401k, or retirement plan. See I was living the Mormon dream. I really thought my X husband would be there and provide for me. I believed him when we knelt across an altar and promised forever. Whoa there Nelly, sliding back into bitter ville. Anyway, I should have done something by now to insure my future but I have never had the great job or the steady income to do it. Now it's almost over and whoops, my bad. No money saved. No retirement plan. So here is the new improved retirement plan: Work till I die.