Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please let it stop snowing for an hour or 2

There is 2 feet of snow outside. The weather person says it will be 4 to 6 more inches by 6 pm. I lost a whole black Labrador dog today in it. Luckily she is strong enough to dig her way out. The puppy, not as good since it is over her head. I have not gone to work in 2 days since I can't navigate a car which sits 7 inches off the road in 2 feet of snow. Maybe the plow will break all laws of probability and come near our street this year.
In case you were wondering, it's October the 28th (for crying out loud).
There are trick or treat activities in 2 days. Maybe we will create snow shoes and go. I see a Werewolf with tennis rackets on his fuzzy toes in my future. Seriously, the snow is up to Kale's waist.
"Trick or treat, see my cool feet, give me something warm to eat".

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

e harm any technological

I went to my blog today and realized I have once again substituted my picture of myself for some random photo (a Jedi storm trooper from the clone wars)
without realizing what I had done. Who knows how long this has been going on. I kept looking at my daughters blogs and wondering "What whacko uses the Clone Picture?"
That would be me.
I am the antitechnology queen. I repel technology. The wonderful cell phone my daughter provides me with works really well for her, for me not so much.
The phone I bought for my house is really shiny and nice. I have no clue how to work it. There are literally hundreds of messages on it, and I am sure
some day I will figure out how to listen to and /or delete them.
The rice cooker Tobi got me like 3 birthdays ago has only been operated by me once. We still can't get the rice off the sides. BD does the rice.
I have a lovely computer which I can turn on and off beyond that I am helpless.
I had an MP3 player or whatever it is called. I could not get it to work ever.
The 7 year old has it now.
Yesterday I got a picture of my daughter Sarah's new shower. WOW. It looks like she paid someone a lot of money to do it
No no, she did it. I did a shower once. It was terrible. Actually the shower in my mother's 50 year old single wide trailer was better.
The microwave in our house does everything but wipe it self out. I just use it to heat up green beans and hot dogs. The DVR I got from Comcast sure does have a lot of
interesting buttons and selections. I like the heart shaped one. It lets me know I like this show. How it works…. Not a clue.
The car has more broken buttons than working ones, I can't figure out my 99cent calculator and my bank account is bouncing to the seventh power.
Hey I can not cook either.
Maybe I'll join and get it over with.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nothing in life is free, or working right

My car and my son
Where oh where to begin? The car came for free, but it had problems. First of all, if your car's heater is powered by a
wall light switch duct taped to 2 red wires hooked directly to your battery and laying on the passenger floor…. Well, you get the idea.
However, the only problem with the heater / air conditioner was the fan switch.
Notice I said WAS.
Then Josh tried to fix it so it did not look so "ghetto".
Notice I said tried.
Now not only does the heater not work at all, the air conditioner is on at all times. This is a problem when there is ice on the windshield. Not only that, now the rear defroster doesn't work, the fan still doesn't work even with the wall switch, and we can't change the heater to air conditioning because all the controls are frozen in place.
Needless to say I am less than happy with the current situation. The car blows cold air in the morning when it is cold and hot air in the afternoon when it's hot.
You can NOT see out the rear window unless a tropical suedo-tsunami sprays over it in the morning.
You can not be warm in the car without a fire… which I am ready to try. You have to ride around in the afternoons with a red face from the heat and all the windows down.
Maybe it is time to consult a specialist you say? If I could afford that I would not have needed a free car or a free repair.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So the month of Halloween has begun with a bang. It is toasty warm here in Colorado… NOT.
If you call frost on the ground and a negative # for a temperature at night warm that is.
The pumpkins we grew had to be removed from the garden this year in September as the vines were freezing.
We have colds and flu and ghouls in the yard. Ah ha ha. Vampires and ghosts beware this house.
Personally the holidays begin for me when the weather changes and that seems to be this week.
The puppy thinks she has died and gone to hell and it froze over. She looks at me like "Hey where is the outside hotness?"
She is 13 weeks old now and has roughly doubled her size. She eats like a pig and hasn't turned down food yet.
I was buying uber expensive puppy food, but the big dog and the cats eat it too. Back to the normal cost food.
The kids think she is public animal enemy # 1 because she is cutting her canines now and chews on them.
The boys had to get boots today cuz wow it is crappy weather outside. Tennis shoe weather is over.
Coats and boots and long sleeves, here we go.
Brittany dyed a stripe down both the boys heads. I think they look like chia pets! I'll have to ask her to take pix.