Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight the movie


There is always a little disappointment whenever a book I have read is made into a movie. I was even a little upset with the Lord of the Rings because they did not do the raising of the Shire. This movie was basically good, but not totally true to the book. That is just not possible in the time allotted for a flick. There were a lot of omissions and changes in the movie.


Edward was so cute. The movie gives him a lot more personality than you got in the first book. I think the first book being all from Bella's perspective did that. Edward has a sense of humor in the movie and he is intense too.

Alice killing James was the coolest thing ever. I had read the books and all we got in the book was the sounds of the fight. I loved seeing Alice fight. Stephanie Meyer has a cameo and that was funny. Bella's dad is younger than I imagined but way cooler than in the books.

The fight scene was awesome and so were the running stunts. The part where Edward goes into the sun was superb visually. There were very funny parts and very sad parts. I think you can't possibly be aware of the scope of Bella & Edward's love unless you read all the books, but they did it justice.

Rosalie and Edwards dad were NOT pretty enough, but I wanted Jasper for my own boy toy. . . Badly. He really had a tortured, bad boy look.
Alice was close to perfect and so were most of the other characters. Billy Black was not old enough, but that is probably my fault for interpretation of what I read.

Visually stunning, very believable, too short, and not too true to the book.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some people never use their blog to rant. They live in some other universe, not the same one as me.

The rest of us have problems, daily problems. Today seems like the grouch day. Everyone I have run into today is in a grouchy mood.

The 3 year old living at my house, aka the Troll, woke up whining. By 6:45am I wanted to drill a hole in my head and siphon out my brain. You can't hear without a brain right? There is a condemned crack house 2 doors down the block with the door kicked in and all the windows broken out. (I sometimes wonder who owns it). I think it would have been more peaceful this morning to live there then at my house.

Where we live you are lucky if you can dodge the bullets on the way from the carport to the house. Mostly no one comes to our house because they are scared to come into the neighborhood. No cute little manicured lawns and bushes around my house, we got weeds!! Lots of weeds in every yard as far as the block extends. Nobody bothers my car because it is the biggest POS on the block, and that is saying something in Montbello. Nobody runs out to meet you when you move in, and nobody sees most of the move outs because they happen at night, or with a sheriff.

But I digress, mostly this rant is about mornings. I am tired of them. In a more civilized world you would wake up to the sun gently warming your face. I wake up to a ranting Chochate Milt 3 year old. I usually can't even think at 5:30am and he can screech loudly. I also have to drive the previously mentioned POS to my job and that is like saying I walked on broken glass barefoot to the store and found out all the chochate milt was gone when I got there.

Work in the mornings is difficult also. You have 12 or so giant grizzly bears with 12 or so giant cranes and trucks trying to get to 12 or so jobs all over Denver. Complaining the whole time to me. One girl in an office of bears with bad morning dispositions, and they want it 10 minutes ago.

On the bright side, I usually wake up around 10 or so and figure out all their problems. Some of them have to solve their own problems if it is a "pre 10-ish" emergency.

Mornings should be soft, quiet, and above all serene. A cup of hot cocoa should magically appear on my dash board when I start the car, and a sausage mcmuffin should float to my desk at 8 or 9 am and wait patiently (& warmly) for me to be ready to eat it. There would be no noise allowed in my mornings, and I would have a better car to drive (basically anything without duct-tape or a bungee cord.

Reality: Loud obnoxious terrible rushing and screeching kids.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Website is Designed by Tobi

If technicality was a sport she would win. If I touch this Blog Spot in any way except to post a blog, it blows up and she spends hours and hours repairing it for me.
I bow to her superior skills with the computer, phones, and Internet.
There is no one who I can rely on more for the resolution of my I T problems (many and varied though they be).
I would post pictures with this post of crazy computers crashing and the black and pink phones on fire, (it will happen, give me time) but I also don't know how to do that.
So here is the post for the technical support queen.... long may she type!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wisdom of the aged

For my birthday this year I decided to regress. I am now 50 years old. Congrats to me on being a half century old! Again! There is a little wisdom in being this old that needs to be passed on.
So, here it is. My top 10 list of things I have learned from being this blessed old.
# 1 There is no limit to the number of things that can go wrong with an old human body. There is actually a "downward slide scale". All old people seem to accept all this deterioration as normal!
# 2 Smile, everyone needs one now and then and it costs you nothing to give one away
# 3 You can tell a lot about a person by how they react to a traffic jam.
# 4 There is no suckage like teen-age suckage
# 5 Never, I repeat, never let your butt get above your head after 40. It's not a pretty sight. It could be harmful. Above all stay off the trampoline.
# 6 Where you live is not half as important as how you live.
# 7 There is a sub-structure below Hell, they call it a p.m.s., below that is pregnancy, in the vast bottomless pit is MENOPAUSE
# 8 Children are like chocolate: Best when you first get them, messy, fattening, and you will miss them when they're gone
# 9 Let the oven warm up, the water come to a complete boil, and the kids make mistakes. Be patient and forgive. This is good for YOU.
# 10 Love, a good relationship with God, family, chocolate, and a place to call home. This is all you really need.