Friday, April 30, 2010


Today is a great day.
Not only because it is Friday and 2 whole days of Grandmother-ness are stretched out in front of me. No, it gets better than this..
Trip got the satelite dish off today and all her stitches out!! No more being herded by a giant black & white horse with a helmut on. (hey anything over 80 lbs at 11 months qualifies) She is a herder and if I am not fast enough to suit her, she barks my heels with the darn dish. Plus the huge puppy dog weighs so much that the doggie downers just made her slower, not less determined. I have had it with the spoon feeding her because she is disabled by her cone. The water dish has been knocked over every hour or so for the last 3 weeks also. The carpet on the stairs is permanently wet. Let me just say that was not even the worst, she could not get out the doggie door with the dish.
Alec, Cora, Phoenix, and Kale are having a sleep over tonight. It is Mac N Cheese and icecream; Spongebob and lightsabers tonight for us!! Great stuff!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I can do it!

Tuesday we had no power all day. So I had our forklift expert teach me to drive one. I know you think it is easy Pat, but I was too scared to try before this as the lightest one is 5,000 pounds. But now I have had lessons. 54 and still gaining skilz!! It is a skill I need because when doing our second job we have to take out these giant oil barrels full of trash. In the past year they have probably only been emptied 10 times because I have to beg one of the guys to do it with a forklift.
I'm not begging anymore!!
Chalk one up for old Lady's everywhere.
Now I'll probably total one of the bay doors or take it off the dock.
I'll blame someone else and say I found it like that when I came to clean.
Maybe I need another lesson?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Darn new fangled technology

Why does my boss pick 3:45pm to do all his stuff? And I'm not talking normal work stuff either. "Bring me all the files on the repairs for the 75 ton crane right now". Forget that he paid for a few in person with his credit card, did not ever give me the receipt to process, did not even tell me till just this moment that there were repairs of this machine, and expects me to mind-read where he put them.
OK now lets talk the accountant: just like the boss he did not bother telling me he had seen the charge on the statement, did not sling it over my desk (since I keep records for all machinery), and now does not remember ever seeing any of that. He keeps an eXcel spread sheet on this machine of his own credit card charges and those repairs are not there. In fact, he is soooooo sure he never had any such repairs that he wants ME to go argue with the boss that they don't exist. (been there, done that before, NEVER going again)
Helpful, not so much
Later my boss added to this that he wanted me to scan and email them to him because I've had 3 days with this new scanner and should have dropped my normal work and learned how to make it dance.
OK can you say upside down, out of order, wrong pages, accountant who holds receipts uncooperative, and pissed off boss?
I can.