Tuesday, September 29, 2009

jacob o licious

Jacob Black is HOT

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flu round 2

This week is flu round 2.
Phoenix had it last week Thursday and Friday.
Saturday we took him into the ER and became part of the statistics. "He has the flu"
Kale now has it, worse than Phoenix did.
The boy could keep a laundry mat in business today.
He is soooo sick. BD came to work to pick me up and in that amount of time he got the car, the couch in my area, the toilet, the rug in front of the toilet, my sink, both trashcans in my bathroom, and my trashcan in my office.
Did I mention he is sick? We just threw out his second outfit of the trip to pick up Amoo.
Luckily, the flu seems to have missed me and BD with the vomitus majorus and just hit us with the earthquake cramps and shooting volcano diarrhea.
Gruesome huh?
Glad you're not here?
Back to the washing machine for me.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Freddy Krueger Scary

OK I am calmed down enough now after 2 weeks to blog about the attack on Kale.
For several weeks now he has not wanted to go with his other Grandmother & Grandfather to their home. We did not know why.
We asked several times a day, Why don't you want to go to Grandma's house? Is someone mean there?
Are there scary things there? Is there someone hurting you? Etc… Always he said "No" or "I don't know"
This is a child who danced at the door waiting for her to pick him up prior to this. He would go there for days on end, spend the nights, and always wanted to go back.
I'm not saying we suck, I'm just saying he really liked it there. More than he liked it at home.
One day about 4 months ago he started refusing to go. Then as that continued he went over once under protest and after that he refused to go again.
No explanation, no reason, he just would not even discuss it. As we continued to press him to go (the other Grandmother was calling almost daily) he started throwing the most
incredible fits you have ever seen. Like a kid in the same room with Freddy Krueger fits. If she or her husband came to the door he would run through the house
screaming and hide so he did not have to see them. They own the house we live in so they come once a week to collect rent or do maintenance or mow the yard.
After the 3rd or fourth fit like this Britt forced him to go with her and his brother for a party trying to show him Grandma's house was still OK. He was fine unless she looked like she was going to move, then he freaked out.
2 Fridays ago she just had enough and made him go. When he came back I thought I was going to jail for sure.
He was covered in bloody scratches and bruises. Someone obviously slapped his face hard enough to leave a mark.
When questioned he said his grandma did it trying to keep him from jumping out of her moving car.
I called her and had a very aggressive talk with her. She told me we (BD and I ) have brainwashed Kale that she is evil and that we are to blame for his beat up state.
She challenged me to call the cops (several times) and called me basically an enemy of hers.
She told me that BD and I have gotten "What we wanted" and that she will "Never bother that child again". Wow what a great person.
By the way, we never discouraged his going to Grandma & Grandpa's house. Quite the opposite. We Loved the breaks and took advantage of the time
without the 4 year old to do some things we can Not do when he is here. Go to a movie, clean, go buy him secret birthday presents, groom the dog.
If you have ever tried to do any of these things with Kale, you understand.
No, we did not turn them in for child abuse. We did not have to. The minute he walked into school his teacher freaked out and called the cops.
Needless to say we really are enemies now. I still think she could have restrained him without the injuries, I still think she is crazy, I am still mad my grandson was hurt so badly while in her care.
Do you wonder why he won't go??? Neither do I.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I must be old

Today I am wearing a green plaid shirt, black jean shorts, purple shoes, and brown striped sox.
I was not trying to make a statement or anything, I have just gotten to the age that being to work alive means more than being there cute.
Those extra 5 or 10 minutes sleep in the morning have become so much more fun than being color coordinated.
I close my eyes and dream I live in a world where I do not have to get up yet. For just a few moments Kale will NOT be screaming when I wake his butt up
and Phoenix will not be throwing a kicky fit. There will be no chocate milt and pop tarts and nobody will be breathing on anybody else in the car.
The most strenuous thing I will do this day is stretch and play with my puppy. I won't have to chase the 4 year old out of the garden and into the car.
My boss will not give me 1,000 impossible tasks he wants done 5 minutes ago…. Etc…
After this 10 minutes of self delusion I get up, wake up BD and the boys, and begin the day. Unfortunately for everyone who looks at me I do not have time to match and I'm not "stylin" either.
Sorry world, you get it this way, or just turn your head and laugh.