Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am a concession mogul

OK it started with the candy/chip machine. Vern gave it to me because he did not want to be bothered with it any more. So we have been filling it up and using the money for gas.
Then Ryan got fired and he gave me his pop machine. Then he took it back. So my boss went over to the new building where there was sitting an unused pop machine and gave me that one. The new one happened to be full of pop! Then Ryan decided his was too big to move and gave me that one too.
Now I own 2 pop machines full of pop and a candy/ chip machine full of healthy NOT snacks.
The treats are great for the kids because we virtually NEVER run out. On the down side anytime anything goes wrong with these machines I have to take out the key and fix it.
Since taking over this empire I have made some startling discoveries:
Vending machines are mouse proof (believe me if they could get in they would)
My 4 year old grandson can make a Sprite come out with a penny
There are plain old lights in the door and you have to change a bulb.
The keys are a pain in the butt but you always have change
You CAN start a fire with a bag of Frito's. Just crumple the bag up, light it, and put it under the wood. True story. I have seen it done.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Early Childhood Education will never be the same.

Today Kale led his second attempt at takeover and escape from ECE
Luckily his brother saw him running at the head of the pack of 4 year olds and body tackled him on the playground
Needless to say, Britt is on a first name basis with the principal now
Kale has only been in preschool for 5 days now and has led 2 rebellions and been to the principals office 3 times
Time out in the principals office should have a "reserved for Kale" sign on it.
We hope he gets over this soon, but it doesn't look promising. The thing is he never has been a "social" kind of kid.
He would rather keep all his stuff to himself and not have anyone else touch it. He would also rather play alone.
Sarah was like this. She once kicked all the beer cans out of Afton's car floor into the school parking lot and screamed at the principal that she was going to kill her because she did not want to go to Kindergarten that day.
All I can say is he will get over it because you can not leave the kids at home unless you want to home school them and


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It is only 33!!

Today I found a pair of crocks in my bathroom cupboard at work!
It is 6 months now that we have had the doggie. In that time she has eaten 33 pair of shoes.
Here is the list:
3 pair of the boys sandals (1 was Thomas the Train Light Up) 3
5 pair of the boys flip flops (2 were from those 3 piece outfits with flip flops on them) 8
2 pair of my church shoes 10
3 pair of Brittany's tennis shoes 13
1 pair of my tennis shoes 14
1 of my pink crocks 15
1 of my green crocks 16
Kale's sponge bob crocks 17
Kale's spider man crocks 18
Phoenix's spider man crocks 19
Phoenix's blue crocks 20
4 pair of Phoenix's tennis shoes 24
Brittany's purple and blue flip flops 26
Brit's boots, both pair 28
My leather slippers
Britt's Van's
3 pair of Dakota's tennis shoes 33

While I am a pretty patient mammallama, I have started to be just a little testy over the price of shoes. She also eats plastic, wood, stuffed toys, small metal toys, and all manner of paper. She ate an entire bag of maxi pads last weekend. We gotta find a solution soon.
She also dug a chuck hole to China in the back yard. The boys took it over and now it is a G.I. Joe bunker. They even cut tree branches to camouflage it.