Thursday, July 30, 2009

The C Word

Monday night a bug crawled into my house. I nearly died when I realized what it was.
The day had been a particularly crappy one and it lacked but that to make it total Schnit.
Tonja had placed a box of potato flakes on the bottom shelf of the microwave cart, and it ended up in the box.
EEEEEWWWWWW what a terrible feeling.
To make matters worse.. Dakota heard us say the "C" word
and went around telling the boys all about it. Then the 3 of them had a C….. Party. They spent the next
3 or 4 hours repeating the "C" word to each other and yelling from various parts of the house that they had seen a bug with this name. Later at the grocery store they took turns telling anyone who would listen that we had this kind of bug and they saw it! All over the house!, in every room!.
The next morning I spent $100.00 to procure the means for BD to spray, gel, trap, clean, and eliminate any and all traces of "C" 's.
We are stinking poor and have no grocery money, but there will be NO "C" 's in my house.
If I have to move, I will move.
If I have to spend 50% of my time with bleach and spray,
I will do it.
But I will NOT live in a house with a "C".
Call me neurotic if you will, but my childhood was too horribly filled with this "C" bug and I can NOT stand them now. Every 4 or 5 years I would take my kids to see my mother so they would know her a little. They were equally grossed-out by the "C" 's. If I could eliminate one thing from earth. It would be all the "C" 's.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Friend

Today should have been an average Monday. It should have been very busy with payroll and hunting down the workers who did not report their time correctly. That should have been my day.
It was NOT that average Monday day.
Today my friend died. This past spring, he gave me a car. We have inhabited the same workplace for 3 1/2 years. I have a hole in my heart for Shaun today. He is a really nice man.
Be good to your friends and family. Be nice to everyone you can. You might blink and they will be gone. Taken away before you had a chance to heal that hurt or end the fued.
I love you Sarah. From the day you barreled your way into the world screaming like a little white haired angel with a bad attitude. Till the day you left my house with your 2 wonderful boys a few days ago.. I have never stopped loving you.
I love you Tobi. From the moment you took your first breath till the day you drove away (looking left with a stiff neck)... I have never stopped loving you.
If the world keeps me on it for a hundred years I will never stop loving you.
I love you Xandra. From the moment you were born till this moment and every moment in between.. I have loved you as only a grandmother could.
If I have done anything bad or stupid and it has offended any of you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.
Life is short and my friend was only 49 years old. He planned to go to Vegas when he turned 50 this year a few days after my birthday. He wanted to be just like you and me and live on and on. He had 2 cats which will be coming to live with me soon.
Don't turn your back on love, everyone needs to be loved and to love.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The garlic is missing!

Tonight we are having pork tenderloin. It is supposed to be Garlic Pork Tenderloin but ...The garlic is missing. OK I know I bought this jar of minced garlic on the 9th of this month. I know it came home with me because I have been moving it every 3 or 4 days so I can get to my Cheese slices and then putting it back in front of them in the door of the fridge. Now the whole jar is gone.
"Where do vanished items go? Into non-being which is to say everything".
No way, did I just quote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Yes, I did. Anyway the world just got a little smellier because the garlic is gone. But I have to wonder, where does the stuff hide while we rip our houses apart room by room looking for it? Is there a room of requirement in my house with all the chuckling sox and keys in it? Are there piles and piles of my mail sitting in some secret chamber waiting for a chance to fall on me?
The sock thing is out of control. I have a giant basket full of un-mated sox. I think I am going to buy 300 pairs of the same sox from now on so I can loose 1/2 of them and not care.
I saw the Harry Potter movie last Saturday and it was soooooo good. I already knew the plot from the books but the whole thing was so much better than I had guessed it would be. Ron is very funny in this movie. The whole book is there except my favorite chapter ever written by JK "Will and Won't". Ah... to see the Dursleys with glasses bouncing on their heads. A small let down. Other than that it is wonderful.