Thursday, September 25, 2008

To my dummy of a son who forgot Phoenix's birthday, again.

A son a son a dummy for a son
It's bad enough you huff and puff to make a kingdom run.
Why should I be forced to satisfy a witless, wonder, dunder, blunder, dummy of a son?
So come someone and take away my son. My enemies attach and tease until the kingdom's done.
But worse, I curse, the wretched universe that brought a witless, dunder, blunder, dummy of a son.
My son, my son, you're stupid as they come. I taught you all that I recall, so how come you're so dumb?
I cry good-bye, I'll probably go and hide. But always here behind my rear I see my stupid son.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Phoenix is turning 6!!

So the S P E W was not well received. I should have known better.
Sunday is Phoenix's birthday. So far we have planned squat. I guess it is time to start. I bought him a video game last week and he is going to play Indiana Jones and the whatever all weekend but first we must endure Chuck E Cheese or some such horrible spot for a few hours. OK so I did not go buy the game myself, but I paid for it. Last night Kale spilled the beans on the "Jin Jan Jones Yego game". Therefore, I goofed.
I really hate to do it but I guess we need to buy a cake too. Yes, Virginia there is a bakery at Albertsons. I'm too old and have 2 jobs; Therefore we buy cake. The baking of the cakes is officially over.
Xandra has put in her request early this year for a pair of thigh high converse boots at the mall. $70.00. If you ask me, we got off easy. Phoenix's game cost $50.00 and the trip to Chucky will be another $50.00 easy. Xandra will eat strawberry shortcake, tomato's, and chicken salad all weekend at home for her birthday. She doesn't like birthday cake and unless I have to buy her a movie and nacho's, we should be done. Pray another Cheetah girls or Bratz movie does NOT come out in the next 2 months.
Anyway, Happy EARAAALY Birthday Phoenix. Many many many more too!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a few things to spew

What can I say?
every once in a while I sneak over to a certain persons blog attached to my daughters blog and read some of the stuff there.
I'm always hoping to read something regarding any one of the 4 children or the 10 grand kids we have genetically in common.
Instead I get rambling about his life and how wonderful it is to para sail
or whatever it is called.
People reading his blog must think "Wow how interesting this guy's life is" but all I can say is "Wow, how self centered can one man be"?
Nothing in his writings about all the brilliant accomplishments of these kids/grand kids? Nothing about the births of his present wife's grand kids?
Nothing about how Phoenix goes to a school for gifted children, about how Xandra's temperament is just about the best on the planet? No comments for the accomplishments of Alex, or the cuteness of Cora? What in the world are we here for if not to revel and delight in the miracle of life??
10 Grand kids: Amberlee 17, Dakota 12, Xandra 9, Ian 6, Phoenix 5, Alec 5, Dalton 5, Kale 3, Cora 3, Justin 2.
Know it, Learn it, Love it. Life just doesn't get any more interesting than listening to the "potty tales" of Justin or the Jedi fixation of Ian.
There is no subject upon which I can ramble for hours and hours like the wonderfulness of these ten kids.
No accomplishment, entertainment, riches, life altering fun, or thrill seeking moment can make up for the fact that you don’t know squat about your own offspring, or their offspring.
Nothing you have now will go anywhere with you when you face your old age alone. Nothing you have done will attend your funeral and cry, no one will care.
So yes, I am obsessed with my grandchildren and their trivial little triumphs. Yes, I love them more than myself and always want to see and talk to them. I believe they are worth more than all the fun and riches in the world.
I hereby proclaim for all to read: kids and grand kids, you are the very most important thing to me and you always will be.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The room of Pink EMU

We are well under way now with Xandra's room. She wants pink and black with skulls and crossbones. I also threw in animal prints because she loves animals. We have everything done except the tulle hangings over the bed, painting the walls, making the bedspread, painting the tv stand, and the ceiling fan. I have black and pink tulle on a frame to hang from the ceiling above her bed. The curtains are posing a small problem as I am painting the room black with great splotches of pink all over the walls. The room will be incredibly dark if I do this so we will need super bright curtains in the room. Also, I can NOT find pink fabric with black skulls to make the bedspread from. I am considering just buying this pink faux fur stuff (which happens to be on sale) and stamping on my own black skulls. The tv cabinet is going to be just vertical stripes (black and pink). The ceiling fan is white with faeries on it now so I'm just painting the area where the faerie is not on each blade black. Because you have been sooooooooooooo patient with my stone aged techno skills for so are some pix:::

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ode to tobi

This blog is for my darling daughter Tobi. Thank you dear for all the blog comments and the ever-entertaining blogs you post.

Almost everything you post on your site is wonderful to me. You have always been such fun and a really great daughter. (I could have lived without the teen-age years, but you do seem so much more wonderful now that I wonder if that is part of the Divine plan).

Reading what is going on in your life (on the Internet) is always fun. Even when it is not all that good you keep a good outlook. I am proud of you for being able to cope with life and look on the bright side. It is a very lucky mother indeed who has a kid that will actually leave a comment on her blog spot.
Thank you also for the IT support. If I had to do this on my own, I would be chiseling it out on a stone tablet. You are great!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dirty Laundry

The life I have chosen to lead is a (fairly) normal, honest one. The family comes first. Mainly the kids and grand kids. Then the church, then the mundane like work, bills, food, etc... However, everyone has their habits. Dirty little guilty pleasures that we believe if the world knew about, they would not like us as much as they do. Fearing being judged, we hide these things and pretend like no one else on the earth knows about or has ever done them. The belief that you are the only one guilty of this (whatever ) is crazy. Everyone has done something wrong or bad. Otherwise they would float off the planet.

My grand and very public confession is not forthcoming. I guess I am about the most boring human on the planet but the worst I could come up with is swearing and being selfish.

Both are not especially hard to detect, my room is set up like a permanent residence in and of itself. TV, Stereo, DVD player, VCR, Hundreds of my favorite shows to watch, Cable, etc... And I swear out loud when I do it.

Because my room is comfortable, that means I like to be in that room a lot. I want to lounge in my own section doing what I like best, does this mean I should feel guilty about it when I do?

I work 2 jobs, baby sit the grand kids, clean, cook (or buy it ), and pay the bills. I never steal on purpose (pens gravitate into my purse from everywhere). I am not out to take over the world or force anyone to do what I want them to. Never held anyone hostage, unless you count teenagers who wanted to stay out all night, and never killed anyone or anything for pleasure. I have very little interaction with the out-of-doors because I hate bugs and the sun makes me hot. But all this makes me selfish without hurting anyone else.

Everyone does something selfish or "wrong" now and then. I have made a lifestyle of selfish while avoiding the majority of "wrong". Compared to some people that is a big deal. Compared to others, not so big a deal.

So, who is worse? The people out there stealing, cheating, robbing, killing, or whatever? Or me sitting in my room with a good movie?

To me the answer is that this life is a journey of discovery of self. What will we do when we think no one is looking? I won't rob a bank or an old lady or steal from WalMart no matter who is looking. Is that because I fear reprisals though? If you knew you could get away Scott free from it, would you take something that is not yours? If there were no victim involved? Would you take advantage of a rich man? Is it his fault you have less?

Where we draw the line in our discovery of self is part of this journey. How honest is honest? How good is good? Most especially when you know it is wrong or bad and you really feel it, will you do it anyway if the circumstances are right?

Wherever you draw the line, try to draw a line you can live with. And I will try to expand my line and be less selfish with my time.