Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yes Virginia there still is a Santa Clause

Wow what a day. A man at work gave me a car today! A car. Not just a POS either. A real working running car. What a wonderful gift. Here I was just feeling sorry for me with no car and POW there it is ... instant car!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thing one and thing two thing two and thing one
they are the most fun under the son(s)
The doggies are fun, most of the time. Yesterday Kale had a medical problem and BD took him to the ER. When we got home the basement floor was gone. This was what I had to remove to find it then clean up pee and poop too!!
They had chewed up and scattered the following stuff:
a stuffed dog toy of Xandras about the size of a small cat
a nail file talk about your roughage
several mcdonalds wrappers and empty cups straws are apparently un- shreadable
a set of pantyhose yes they were pink, and now they are gone
a couple of towels one white, one Ironman
3 crocks in assorted colors and sizes One red white and blue, one spiderman, one black fleece
my tennis shoes Beyond recall
a trash can (plastic) only a dollar, but truly spectacularly torn up
3 plastic bags from WalMart free, fun, and gone
SEVERAL TOYS I have no idea what they were prior to detonation
2 toilet paper rolls these make great noises prior to death
1 paper towel roll ditto
a king size blanket More fun than the towels I think
a standard pillow and case disappeared
several balls all missing chunks
3 Plastic cups also smashed, thrashed, broken, bye bye
a giant bag of candy from Kale's Birthday party
nothing but tiny bits of wrapper for miles and miles
(Kale is very picky and won't eat most candy)
I caught them with my nail scrubbing brush this morning and took it away.
Maybe I will have a house tonight, I'll let you know
They also chewed up the tissues in the bathroom trash, but that is toooooo gross to mention

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thing 1 and Thing 2

We are in the midst of naming them. For now Thing 1 and Thing 2 are fine.
The smallest dog is very fiesty. You can tell they are scared of people and have not been fed for a few days. There is a list of what they have eaten which is growing. The littler female has a lot of color in her legs and she whines a lot, I am not sure what she wants. By bedtime tonight there should be 2 dog tired little boys!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All I wanted for Christmas

Every year for Christmas I receive many wonderful gifts. Some are as unexpected as they are wonderful. Some are expected and as bad as I had feared.
These are things I've always wanted and never gotten.
This is a crazy list, and yes it is truly what I have wanted
Some of these are very expensive and can't be bought until one of my family win the lottery
# 10 I have wanted all the Harry Potter wands for a long time - I have Harry's wand
# 9 I have always wanted a jingle cats and dogs CD (prior to that a cassette)
# 8 I have always wanted to decorate my basement like Diagon Alley (MONEY)
# 7 I want a home theatre room (MORE MONEY)
# 6 I have always wanted to go to Hawaii (get those lottery tickets out)
# 5 I want a new mattress for my bed (buying it myself probably)
# 4 I want a puppy dog (Samoyed or Black Lab)
# 3 I have wanted a nice computer chair starting 3 years ago
# 2 I want a set of speakers for my computer that don't suck
# 1 I have been asking for a cam-corder for 9 years.
If you have hundreds and hundreds of dollars sitting around… get on this right now!! If you are like the rest of us sigh with me now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coughing on the outside

Today I stayed home from work to cough. I know what you're thinking, I could have gone to work and coughed. I am tired of sharing my illness and have decided to stay home and keep it for myself. A controversial decision to be sure since I am pretty sure the staff at work gave me the germs which produced the cough. However, here I am selfishly keeping it to myself. It is sort of like the immunity necklace on Survivor. I really should give it back to Len since he shared his germs with me, but I have it now and it seems to have awakened in me a selfish sense of ownership. I temporarily possess the illness, therefore I own the illness?
With this anti-immunity necklace came the usual crabbiness due to symptoms. Fever, Chills, Aches, Hacking Cough that keeps you up all night, and lest we forget the $$ cha-ching at the druggist for all those flu and cold remedies which never work. This latest symptom, selfishness is the result of literally days and days of talking in Mini Mouse's voice, coughing like a 3 pack-a-day smoker, and several dozen landfills of tissue use (I am a mucus machine).
Call all the eligible men you know, I am available! Charming! And already dressed for bed. Taking off the fuzzy slippers is optional.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birdy 2 Ewe

Happy Birthday BD
Hippo Birdy Ewe Ewe
Hippo Birdy Ewe Ewe
Hippo Birdy Dear BD
Hippo Birdy Ewe Ewe
and many more

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Peace Out

The Tobinator is coming! For those of you who don't know, Tobi is my darling daughter who was my very first female child. She is wonderful and spiffs up this blog for me since I am technically challenged.
In the days of her teenagehood, I would have sold her to passing gypsies for a plug nickel. But she has turned into a great person so I am glad no gypsies were in the area while I was raising her. She has decided to come to Colorado for a very short visit without my grandkids. (a controversial decision for which I will probably forgive her eventually) However the time is short for us so maybe the visit will be better without kids.
Anyway,,,,,,, Horay Horay she is on her way!!