Friday, January 29, 2010

Trip de Trip de Trip de

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Dumb Friends League and get Trip.
She has finally been released from the hospital and made it onto the website
I hope she is not really upset with us for the medical debacle
Even if she is, she will take one look at Shimalfinney and be fine.
Shimalfinney has throw a fit several times recently about not having her Trip to chew on.
She even took a couple of shoes and a shirt outside to chew on this last week.
Up with this shite I will not put!! I hope it is a lovely reunion with barking and running.
I'll let you know.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Craptastic weekend

This past week will go down in the annal's of time as one of the craptasticiest weeks ever.
My car took a dive into the "fix me or start walking" section. I think it needs bearings or some lucky expensive thing. When we turn it goes on turning after you straighten out the steering wheel.
Wow scary.
Root Canal: Went there, done that, going back under protest.
My boss said if business doesn't pick up we are going to be out of jobs.

Next week looks better on the horizon after Tuesday.
Tuesday I go finish the root canal. Yes it really did take 5 hours the first time and I just could not take anymore. He says it will be at least another 45 minutes. For those of you blessed enough not to have been to your own root canal recently, the translation of that is (2 or 3 hours).
I think how long it takes is a complex mathematical equation:
Take how long you think you can take the pain of this infected tooth,
add the amount of $ he is charging your insurance,
subtract the amount of your co-pay,
plus the # of people you have around you, unless you have to hold your own spit sucker like I did. Then subtract 1
Multiply this by the strength of your revulsion for being smothered with the green mouth tent....
If you have to pee add 30 minutes past how long you can hold it
If you are late or due somewhere like court add another 30 minutes
The length of time to the next vernal equinox goes in here somewhere
East of the Mississippi add 2 hours West add 1 hour
Now square the amount of pain you are in since he stuck the 4" drill bit down the root of the tooth and twisted it so he can rip out the roots one by one.
You get it?
So did I. THE THING TAKES MUCH TOO LONG and hurts too much!!
At least my co pay is paid and I will not have the pleasure of giving them $ at the end of this session. My dentist sent me a gift certificate to Olive Garden.
(Job Security?)

Anyway, after Tuesday some day next week my tax refund should be here. Yoo Hoo.
I am splurging and buying myself a chair at Staples because I get a free Camcorder with it.
Call me a selfish pig if you will, but I'm doing it anyway!!
At our house we will all be happy little campers next week, I vow it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The tooth, part II

Root canal
5 hours
Holding my own spit sucker tube

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moving on?

I think it may be time to move. I swore I would never do it again, but the fact is $1,056.00 a month is OUTRAGEOUS for rent. Plus our landlady is insane. Plus we live in a HORRIBLE area of town.
I am thinking we just need a little miracle in our lives so we can afford to move. I have room mates but financially we are still on the edge all the time. Maybe it is time for a budget? A little more income would also be helpful. The house itself is huge and other than being 1000 years old it is OK.
The power and water are a very big expense because the house is so old and there are so many people running things all day. The cable always manages to surprise me since we do not order movies or pay-per-views. I guess the real problem is that I have not had a raise in pay for 3 years, but everything else possible has gone up in cost. Milk is the only exception; it is $1.98 a gallon. That is great since these boys drink
mostly milk. Everything else keeps going UP UP and AWAY!!
Maybe we should sit tight for now, better the devil you know.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today I cried.
Not the all out ugly bawling cry, just a frustration and anger and sadness cry.
Trip did not make it. Sunday when we got up she was once again covered in blood and the wound was open and had a second wound by it.
We called the vet and they want money like you would not believe to fix this. She was moving around too much, she is a hyper dog.
She needs a week (at least) in the hospital to be sedated so her side can heal. We just can NOT afford it.
We had to turn her over to the Dumb Friends League so they could try to heal her, but I doubt it can be done.
Britt and I debated just letting it heal open, steritape, a loan, a t shirt, all kinds of stuff.
In the end we just can not afford it. I was mostly scared that the dog catcher would see the gaping wound and give us some fine for cruelty to animals.
Unfortunately, it would be true if we just did nothing. She was gonna die if we did that. I guess it is for the best, at least they will heal her and spay her before they put her to sleep.
Or maybe she will be adopted by some wonderful family with $$.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip is back from the dead

The puppy is officially recovered. She dances, she leaps, she barks my heels with the stupid satellite head gear 50 x a day following me around, she is done being abnormally sedate.
Wow, I would be relieved to be feeling so good 2 days after the major surgery to sew my skin back on.
She jumps up on my bed and paws me to death 3 or 4 times an evening. Then she rolls all around my bed all night following me for body heat.
Which means I was covered with drainage blood spots this morning ewwww
The good outweighs the bad I guess since she was sooooo pitiful with the cone head and stitches. But I must repeat ewwwww
She body tackled Kale this morning for his good morning ear licking.
She runs around outside with the satellite dish scooping up snow to eat with the dish…
She sleeps during the day and plays all night with Shimmalfinney
She knocked over my bed side table to get a drink.. Yea totally recovered.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The list 2009*

All over the TV there are shows about the best and worst of 2009 so in grand tradition of American TV I have hereupon this blog made my official list of things I NEVER thought I would hear or say which occurred during 2009 (drum roll please)

# 10 "Nobody better spit on anybody else in this car, and that includes the frogs."(during a ride to Parker December 24th)
# 9 "If you don't want to hear it shut your ears." (same car ride)
# 8 "Who is torturing the cat out there?" (Phoenix singing with Halo)
# 7 "Do you have an all-day Valium lollipop?" (Asked at the dental appointment for Phoenix after his tooth extraction)And YES they offered his brother a sucker after the appointment, now that's job security!
# 6 "Nobody here has any spare candy, It is Halloween." (In my defense I had been freezing my tush off in the snow behind my trunk for a long time with wet boots and Dakota wanted any "spare" candy for his enormously full giant bucket)
# 5 "Of course we are all here, does anyone appear gone?" (brain death from talking to children for too long)
# 4 "If either of you touch each other ever again, I'll kill you both." (from beyond brain death during a fight over who touched who)
# 3 "Phoenix is looking out of my window again" (every car ride, air space counts to a 4 year old)
# 2 "Why are you scared of the basement? I am the scariest thing in the basement, now go down there and get me a Kleenex." OK so I wasn't IN the basement just then.

AND the # 1 quote from 2009 "If you shoot anyone else in the face, I will take back all your Christmas presents to Santa and kill you both."
Actual quote from Brittany to Dakota Christmas Eve after he shot Phoenix in the face with a pellet gun. The present thing got his attention, you did not even scare him with the death threats!