Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before it is gone

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. That sentence has always bugged me until today.
Sometimes we think our lives are full of cruel and unusual punishments. Sometimes I have felt I was dealt a less-than-fair hand in life.
I have a co-worker who was hit by a car 2 months ago. He has not even made it into a wheel chair yet. Today he told my boss that he is losing his house and everything else he owns. His motorcycle insurance had $25,000 on it for medical. The person who hit him had $25,000 for medical. His medical bills so far are $700,000+. He is still in the hospital and has a staph infection in one of his surgery sites. How can this be happening? This guy did nothing wrong. He got hit by someone who ran the light. And not some monster either, just a guy who did not see Terry in the sunset on his motorcycle and ran him over.
It has made me feel extremely grateful for all my blessings.
Yes, we are poor. Yes, I drive a P.O.S. Yes, we live in a terrible neighborhood. But we have many blessings and can still enjoy life. I have 2 jobs and am able to work them. My children and grandchildren are fed. We have a home.
Sometimes we forget to be thankful for our lives and the things we have.
My income to expense ratio is terrible. I look at poor Terry and think, "Wow, it could be a lot worse."
Be thankful for everything you have and everything you don't have . . . before it is gone.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday Sarah announced she is not coming to visit me after all. Why would anyone NOT want to come to colorful Colorado? So I don't have A.C., and I live in the demilitarized zone, and there was a knifing 2 doors down 2 days ago, and we all have no money to do anything fun; What's wrong with that? Who doesn't want to listen to the sound of the tuba, a cow bell, and an accordion over a really bad amp all night? Who doesn't want to swelter in 100+ degrees with a box fan? Then there is the neighbors! Ha Ha
But seriously, why fight the pull of the ultimate vacation?
I've personally never been on a real vacation. You know, one where you do nothing but sight see and lounge. Well maybe that is not true, maybe going to visit the relatives counts? No, that is more like a working road trip. 4 kids, one huge dog, a Toyota, and a cooler across 5 states: NOW THAT IS FUN!! (and probably how I became incurably insane)
Actually there is an element of fun to it but I never got to the fun part since I was driving. At least you get your own seat if you drive. Now a days kids have t.v. and Ipods and video games in the car. Back in the day when my kids were small, I would have killed for that kind of entertainment in the car. I got sing a longs and "are we there yet".
Who wants to see the damn relatives bad enough for that?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Whoop De Doo. Being American all my life and very patriotic doesn't mean I get into the whole fireworks thing. Colorado (and most states) have a huge ban on fireworks. So either you pay to go see the "legal" fireworks or you do a lame sit on the roof and cheat thing. When I was a child you went down to the local fireworks stand and for less than $5.00 you could play with fire all night. Then I had kids. If there is ANY way for 4 kids to get hurt mine could find it. Now what on earth would make me think that I could turn them loose in our back yard with matches and a stick that sparks? I kept urging the 6 year old to grow up before next 4th of July and learn to light a match correctly. Every year someone got hurt. It became the 4th of July curse to spend at least half the night in the E.R. This year, like every year since I turned my last child free I will be watching tv.... alone.... fire free... not in any hospital.... with no matches, lighters, or punks.