Tuesday, March 5, 2013

He's back

I went to see my brother tonight. Lets just say, the crazy man is back.
The boss at my new work... Mr. Perfect Plan, is turning out to be a few fries short of a happy meal. Today I wandered into his office to find him listening in to the dispatch center of our work by intercom. I would not want to listen to the dispatch center on purpose at all. These men are all a bunch of tobacco chewing, sweaty, filthy, macho, swear machines. The only thing they do better than swear is sweat and be dirty.  I have heard a guy in there use 3 swear words in a 5 word sentence. These are the guys mentioned in the payroll debacle. The ones who can't spell, tell time, read, or write. Some of them sound a lot like Bubba Gump with a mouth full of marbles. The men who don't chew tobacco and keep a lovely spit bottle on the desk smoke. It is like hell in there. They positioned it across from the men's room and the bathroom smells better and is cleaner. Don't get me wrong, construction work is dirty work and props for being gainfully employed, but did I mention the offensive smells and the smoke? Anyway, I hurried away and went and whispered to the least offensive of them that they were being watched and they now know to try a little harder to look at the black boxes on their desks before the jokes start.
 WTF? Where's the fun in listening to that crap.

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